2nd Avenue Family Chiropractic Centre

Joey Proznik, RMT

  • Born and raised is Saskatoon
  • Spent his last 11 years focusing much of his efforts towards learning and practicing various methodical techniques by which to limit, reduce and eliminate numerous forms of acute to chronic physical pain and dysfunction.
  • His most preferred method of massage treatment merges the art of Shiatsu and Myofascial release, and represents it in it's own original form by addressing compensatory muscular influence, in an effort to further reduce sources of painful, inflamed areas, giving clients a direct understanding of how our posture is altered by work and duty specific activities in an effort to counterbalance their effect through habitual stretching, exercise and self-massage techniques.
  • If clients have had little relief from typical massage methodology, or are new to massage altogether, it is their opportunity to receive the relief Joey has offered to most clients on the basis of their own personal preference between deep tissue, and light to moderate therapeutic massage techniques.
  • Registered member with Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS)